boat canvas vs custom canvas

Boat Canvas: The primary purpose of boat canvas is to stop the elements, especially water, from entering your boat. There are expanded usages such as cockpit sun shades, camper enclosures, hatch covers, windshield sun shades, and bridge enclosures, to name a few.

Custom Canvas: If there were no other benefit other than covering up the boat, a drawstring tarp would be adequate. However, canvas that is not properly fitted to an individual boat will either leak, due to poor fit, or deteriorate from wind and pockets of water.  Either way, the life expectancy of your canvas is much shorter when compared to a custom fitted canvas. Custom fitting is essential because no two boats are the same. Only a properly fitted canvas, constructed of quality fabric, thread, and other fabrication materials, will offer maximum protection from the wind, rain, mold, mildew, sun-rot, and day-to-day use. Custom canvas, when fabricated properly, will often enhance the value of your boat.

Our Quality Workmanship: We strive to offer marine canvas fabrication at the highest quality level obtainable by our staff. Our custom fitting process will ensure that your canvas maximizes its potential to protect your boat from the elements. Our available materials are of the highest quality standards, which will provide you years of use and enjoyment. We are proud that our custom fit canvas will match your boat’s contour and provide a look that will compliment your vessel. When creating your custom canvas, we are conscious of the conditions that your boat will endure and the condition of your canvas many years from today. We are certified by the Custom Canvas Training Workshops as custom marine canvas fabricators.


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Our Tips

Select the right thread
Thread is very important to a new or existing top/cover/enclosure. Solarfix thread is made of Teflon and is guaranteed for the life of the canvas. we offer solarfix on all our jobs.
be aware and become educated
know what you are paying for. what material you are getting, what the manufacturer's warranty period is, what to do in case you notice a tear or accidentally spill something on the material, or strength differences in tubing thicknesses and types.